Security and building automation

Supervision and control system

SCS, Supervisory and Control System, enables the control and supervision of large plants through an extremely simple and user friendly interface.
SCS provides the managemente of a potentially unlimited number of hardware devices:

• Video surveillance, video recording and video analysis
• Intrusion detection centrals
• Fire detection centrals
• Access control devices
• Technological devices and plants
Supervisory and Control System

User Interface

Plant configuration
All elements within the system can be viewed through a tree structure that allows to add and configure devices, to check their status, and to send commands to plant elements.
The plant administrator can also define a logical plant representation grouping devices in “Macrogroups”. 

Graphic maps
The management and control of a plant is provided through the use of graphic maps. Icons with different shapes and colours are used to recognize in real time on the map the status of an element or a group of elements connected.

Historical archive
Each event generated by a device and each action conducted by an operator is recorded and cannot be manipulated or deleted.
The historical archive provides the complete analysis of everything occurred within the plant and can be consulted through a filtering system allowing the choice of an action or an event based on variables defined by the user.

 Supervisory and control system - Client

Product overview

SCS allows to define, trough a simple and intuitive programming tool, programmable sequences of commands, that can be scheduled according to a calendar or executed automatically after an event recorded by the system, or manually launched by the operator.

SCS is a scalable and modular system able both to manage extremely complex plants such as a commercial center or an airport both to propose “entry level” solutions made of a single supervision computer and a single peripheral unit.

SCS is not only intended for security management: thanks to the possibility to integrate heterogeneous devices, sensors, actuators and subsystems, SCS allows to centralize all technological plants providing a complete solution for building automation and building management. Adding more potential to security control features, SCS becomes the all-in-one supervision point for all site plants with a remarkable time and resources saving. 

Supported hardware


• GPS Standard IP cameras
• BOSH cameras
• Samsung IP cameras
• HIK Vision IP cameras
• ITX IP cameras
• IP Cameras conforming to Onvif standard
• Samsung thermal cameras
• Analogical cameras (linked to GPS, Samsung or ITX video recorders)

Video Recorders

• Samsung digital video recorders
• ITX digital and network video recorders

Intrusion detection

• GPS Standard unit CEN2100
• Pess Technologies iGo and iBoxer units
• GPS Standard unit Defender

Perimeter protection

• Redwall redscan detector
• GPS Standard Ground Perimeter System and invisible protection system

Home and industrial automation

• GPS Standard MAZE
• SEICA Shoe Box

Access control

• Microntel Access Control system
• GPS Standard Access Control system

Fire detection

• Notifier AM6000 Panel
• Inim Eletronics SmartLoop Panel

Technological devices

• Generic Modbus TCP/IP devices
• MOXA Modbus devices
• Marsilii shutters
• Capetti Elettronica environmental probes
• Liebert Emerson UPS Systems
• URFog fogging systems